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The Keto Pili Nut Co.

The Keto Pili Nut is the superior nut.

LCHF, Keto, 100% Natural and exempt from any GMO, additive or unnecessary processing.

The great taste of the Pili Nut, raw or cooked, makes it an awesome ingredient in an infinite number of dishes and salads.

It's practical packaging makes it is the ultimate snack at the gym or on the road.

The Keto Pili Nut is vegan friendly and is the perfect complement for Ketogenic, LCHF and Paleo diets.


The Keto Pili Nut, In a Nutshell.

The Keto Pili Nut Contains over 83% fat and each serving has only 0.5 gram Of carbs.

The Pili Nut (Canarium Ovatum) grows on the Pili tree exclusively in the Philippines Islands. The Pili nut is gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly.

Pili nuts naturally contain: magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, vitamin E and are a source of protein. Learn more about the Pili Nut here.

The Keto Pili Nut has fantastic nutritional properties that makes it a great snack and a perfect ingredient for LCHF and Keto diet. Learn more about Keto Diet here.