About The Pili Nut

The Pili Nut get its name form the Pili tree, on which it grows. This tree is exclusively growing in the Bicol region in the Philippines.


What makes the Pili Nut awesome

  • In a sports diet or just during any sport activity: it is a high energy, light and easily packable, super healthy snack.
  • Containing ZERO sugar it is a great snack: eat Pili Nuts every day and keep the dentist away.
  • The Pili Nut is probably the most adapted or desirable ingredient for LCHF or Keto diets: containing 59.6% oleic glycerides and 38.2% palmitic glycerides.
  • For cooking it is an exotic taste that can be added to any salad or any other dish, fresh from the pack or further roasted.

Why is the Pili Nut a Super Food

  • The Pili Nut is non GMO, vegan and produced manually.
  • The Pili Nut is a super food:  it provides high energy in a small package
  • 1 pack weighs only 50g, that's 2 servings, and those will provide as much energy as 4 bananas totaling 400g!

How is the Pili Nut produced

  • The Pili tree needs to grow between 7 to 10 years before it bears its first nuts - though well looked after grafted trees can be quicker and be yielding nuts after up to 3 to 5 years only.
  • The whole processing, from harvesting to being packed takes roughly 5 days.
  • All operations are carried manually and require great manual skills and a good deal of patience.
  • Our natural processing methods ensure that most nutrients remain intact.